Kitchen Remodeling in Minneapolis

At North Star Kitchens of Minneapolis we understand that not everyone wants to completely replace their entire existing kitchen.


Perhaps you like your kitchen’s existing structure and the basic way it works and are just looking for a way to remodel it to give it a more modern, contemporary appearance.


Or perhaps you would like to incorporate more time-saving appliances and wonder how best to insert them into your current kitchen architecture.


If so, our expert kitchen remodeling team at North Star Kitchens can help.


We can suggest how you can maximize the efficiency of your existing kitchen floor-plan and renovate it to give it a fresh, 21st century appeal.


For example, you might want to consider just updating your kitchen’s external features such as doors, drawer fronts and side panels, and disguising your appliances behind new facades.


You might want to replace your jaded countertops with beautiful and highly functional granite, quartz or marble slabs.


You might like the idea of introducing more stainless steel and getting rid of all that traditional farmhouse-y wood.


Whatever ideas you may have, our artistic team of kitchen designers can help to transform them into reality by remodeling your kitchen so that it looks the way you want and works the way you need it for your busy Minneapolis lifestyle.


How our kitchen remodeling process works

We offer free initial on-site consultations so that we can get to know you and see you at home in your current kitchen.


During this first meeting we will talk with you in-depth about all your ideas and find out more about your available budget and the extent of the renovation you are hoping for.


We find these preliminary on-site consultations invaluable for assisting you with the more practical aspects of your kitchen remodel. With all our experience we often find we have ideas that you may never even have considered.


For example, we can show you where small alterations can have maximum impact – perhaps by adding focused overhead lighting or installing pull-out shelves or drawers instead of traditional cupboards, or re-organizing your work triangle using existing units so that your work flow is more logical and streamlined.


We will take measurements and block out a rough floor plan for you to consider, and suggest a range of appliances, cabinetry and other kitchen hardware that fits with your needs and your budget.


When we get your go-ahead, we will then send in our skilled team of project managers and carpenters to transform your kitchen remodel plans into reality.


To get an idea of the scope of some of our kitchen remodels in the Minneapolis area, please browse our online portfolio and take a look at some of the testimonials we have received from previous happy clients.


We will also be more than happy to discuss your kitchen remodel with you in more detail. You can contact us here online with any written queries or if you prefer to speak to us in person please:


telephone our Minneapolis store on 612-375-9533
fax us your queries to 612-375-9534

Email us directly at
or call in to see us in our downtown showroom - 275 Market St., Minneapolis (Click for map)

North Star Kitchens of Minneapolis: our kitchen renovations and remodels will breathe new life into the heart of your home.

"Exquisite design and work is not achieved by chance. It is the outcome derived from
intelligent choices gleaned from years of experience and accumulated knowledge
applied to each design through skillful direction and peerless execution." — William A. Foster
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